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Ali Azmat Ringtone Download


Ali Azmat, the Pakistani rock legend, commenced his journey as the lead vocalist of Junoon, a band hailed as the U2 of South Asia by the New York Times. Since going solo in 2003, Ali has been reshaping the landscape of South Asian music with his evocative blend of Eastern and Western musical traditions, captivating audiences worldwide.

Born and raised in Pakistan, Ali’s musical odyssey began at a tender age. At just seventeen, his original composition “Dosti” catapulted him into the spotlight. In a symbolic gesture of friendship between India and Pakistan, Junoon was invited by the Indian Prime Minister to perform “Dosti” in 1999. This harmony echoed louder when, in October 2001, Ali performed the same song alongside an Indian band at the United Nations General Assembly, a historic moment lauded by critics from The New York Times to the Village Voice.

Fronting Junoon, Ali led the charge of the largest rock band in South Asia, joining forces with them since its inception in 1990. Their discography, comprising 10 albums released between 1990 and 2003, witnessed staggering success, selling over 20 million copies globally. The frenzy peaked in 1998 with the release of their smash hit “Sayonee” from the album “Azadi,” which stormed the charts in both Pakistan and India.

Ali’s influence transcended borders, earning him accolades such as the Best International Group award at the Channel [V] Music Awards in New Delhi in 1999. His journey was chronicled in the VH1 News Special “Islamabad Rock City” in 2001, and in 2002, he received an Emmy nomination. He has crisscrossed the globe on extensive tours, gracing prestigious venues like the Royal Albert Hall in 2003 and the European rock festival, Roskilde, in 2000.

In 2003, Ali bid farewell to Junoon to embark on his solo expedition. His debut solo album, “Social Circus,” dropped in March 2005 to widespread acclaim, clinching 13 awards in Pakistan alone. Notably, his efforts in promoting peace through music earned him recognition at the ARY Bollywood Awards in Dubai.

Ali’s artistic prowess was further celebrated with nominations for Best Soundtrack and Best Song in India. At the IM Music Video Awards in Pakistan, his tracks swept categories, with “Na re na” clinching Best Video, Best Costume, and Best Art Direction, while “Deewana” secured the award for Best Animation. Through his music, Ali Azmat continues to weave a tapestry of cultural harmony and musical brilliance, leaving an indelible mark on the global music scene.

Ali Azmat Ringtone Download MP3

1Yeh Jism Ringtone DownloadAli AzmatJism 203:50
2Yeh Jism Ringtone DownloadAli AzmatJism 203:50
3Maula Ringtone DownloadAli AzmatJism 205:08
4Maula Ringtone DownloadAli AzmatJism 205:08
5Garaj Baras Ringtone DownloadAli AzmatPaap04:51
6Na Ra Na Re Ringtone DownloadAli AzmatSocial Circus05:00
7Dil Ka Jahan Ringtone DownloadAli AzmatSocial Circus05:00
8Main Ringtone DownloadAli AzmatSocial Circus05:00
9Teri Parchhaiyan Ringtone DownloadAli AzmatTera Kya Hoga Johny05:30
10Garaj Baras Ringtone DownloadAli AzmatVoices From Pakistan04:51
11Tore Naina Ringtone DownloadAli AzmatUltimate Valentine Hits – Hindi Love Songs07:12
12Garaj Baras – Jasraj Joshi Ringtone DownloadJasraj JoshiThe Manoj Pandya Collective04:08
13Deewana Ringtone DownloadAli AzmatSocial Circus05:00
14Khwabon Si Jo Ringtone DownloadAli Azmat, Sujit KumarWar Chhod Na Yaar06:06
15A Melody of Pride Ringtone DownloadAli Azmat, Ali Noor, Asim Azhar, Ali HamzaA Melody of Pride04:14
16Tore Naina Ringtone DownloadAli AzmatTera Kya Hoga Johny07:12
17Har Ghari Tayyar Kamran Ringtone DownloadAli Hamza, Ali Azmat, Ali Noor, Asim AzharDhanak Kay Rang, Vol. 104:14
18Tore Naina Ringtone DownloadAli AzmatAa Ja Re Piya07:12
19Man Gagan Ringtone DownloadAli AzmatSocial Circus06:00
20Yaar Mera Yaar Ringtone DownloadAli AzmatSocial Circus05:00
21Teriyan Parchhaiyan Ringtone DownloadAli AzmatSocial Circus05:00
22Main Chala Ringtone DownloadAli AzmatSocial Circus05:00
23Dil Ne Dil Se Kaha Ringtone DownloadAli AzmatSocial Circus04:00
24Pyaas Ringtone DownloadAli AzmatSocial Circus05:00
25HBL PSL Mashup 2023 Ringtone DownloadAtif Aslam, Naseebo Lal, Ali Zafar, Asim Azhar, Ali Azmat, Aima Baig, YOUNG STUNNERS, Arif Lohar, Haroon RashidHBL PSL Mashup 202302:24
26Dil Ki Sija Ringtone DownloadAli AzmatSocial Circus04:00
27Garaj Baras Ringtone DownloadPankaj KikaniSaregama Open Stage Vol-6007

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