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G K Venkatesh Songs Ringtone Download


G. K. Ventakesh stands as an eminent figure in the annals of the Kannada film industry, revered for his unparalleled contributions as a music composer spanning the illustrious era from the 1960s to the 1980s. While his prominence primarily graced Kannada cinema, his artistic prowess also resonated in occasional ventures into Malayalam, Tamil, and Telugu cinema, enriching the tapestry of Indian music across regional borders.

G K Venkatesh Songs Ringtone Download

Among his numerous collaborations, the partnership with Kannada superstar Rajkumar shines as a beacon of cinematic excellence, epitomizing a remarkable synergy that adorned 51 iconic films. Notably, Ventakesh orchestrated Rajkumar’s inaugural foray into playback singing, marking a momentous milestone in both their careers.

Pioneering innovation, Ventakesh introduced Western orchestration to Kannada cinema, igniting a transformative trend that captivated audiences and revolutionized the industry’s sonic landscape. His visionary mentorship extended to luminaries like the acclaimed music director Ilaiyaraaja, underscoring his profound influence on successive generations of musical virtuosos.

Beyond his creative endeavors, Ventakesh’s legacy encompasses a rich tapestry of cinematic productions, including timeless classics like “Ranadheera Kantheerava” (1960), “Immadi Pulikeshi” (1968), and “Gramathu Minnal” (1987), each etching indelible marks in the collective memory of cinephiles.

His discography stands as a testament to his boundless creativity and enduring impact, boasting a plethora of iconic albums spanning genres and generations. From the soul-stirring melodies of “Naguva Hoovu” (1971) to the pulsating rhythms of “Operation Diamond Racket” (1978), Ventakesh’s musical oeuvre resonates across decades, immortalizing his genius in the hearts of listeners.

Though he departed from this mortal realm on November 13, 1993, G. K. Ventakesh’s legacy continues to reverberate through the corridors of cinematic history, a timeless maestro whose melodies continue to enchant and inspire generations to come.

G K Venkatesh Songs Ringtone Download Mp3

G K Venkatesh Songs Ringtone Download Mp3
1Chinnada Mallige Hoove Ringtone DownloadS. Janaki, Dr. RajkumarChinnada Mallige Hoove04:35
2Thanuvu Manavu Ringtone DownloadS. Janaki, Dr. RajkumarRaja Nanna Raja04:25
3Nee Bandu Ninthaaga Ringtone DownloadP.B. Sreenivas, P. SusheelaKasturi Nivasa03:32
4Yare Koogadali Oore Horaadali Ringtone DownloadDr. RajkumarSampathige Savaal03:32
5Nooru Kannu Saladu Ringtone DownloadP.B. Sreenivas, S. P. BalasubrahmanyamRaja Nanna Raja04:33
6Aadisinodu Beelisinodu Ringtone DownloadP.B. SreenivasKasturi Nivasa03:02
7Sangeethave Nee Nudiyuna Maathella Ringtone DownloadS. Janaki, Dr. RajkumarOlavu Gelavu03:17
8Beladingalaagi Baa Ringtone DownloadDr. RajkumarHuliya Haalina Mevu04:31
9Naaniruvude Ninagaagi Ringtone DownloadDr. RajkumarMayura03:15
10Ninade Nenapu Dinavu Ringtone DownloadP.B. SreenivasRaja Nanna Raja03:38
11Ravivarmana Kunchada Kale Bale Ringtone DownloadP.B. SreenivasSose Thandha Sowbhaagya04:22
12Aadona Neenu Naanu Ringtone DownloadP.B. SreenivasKasturi Nivasa03:32
13Alli Illi Noduve Ringtone DownloadS. Janaki, Dr. RajkumarOperation Diamond Racket04:29
14My Name Is Raj Ringtone DownloadDr. RajkumarHaavina Hede03:16
15Hoovinda Bareda Katheya Ringtone DownloadDr. RajkumarHaavina Hede04:26
16Moogana Kaadidarenu Ringtone DownloadDr. RajkumarThrimoorthy03:29
17Bisi Bisi Kajjaya Ringtone DownloadDr. RajkumarHaavina Hede03:55
18Kalletigintha Ninna Ringtone DownloadS. Janaki, Dr. RajkumarRaja Nanna Raja04:22
19Aase Heluvaase Ringtone DownloadS. Janaki, Dr. Rajkumar, P. SusheelaHuliya Haalina Mevu05:57
20If You Come Today Ringtone DownloadDr. RajkumarOperation Diamond Racket04:44
21Rajadhi Raja Ringtone DownloadS. Janaki, Dr. RajkumarHuliya Haalina Mevu06:13
22Ninagaagi Ododi Bande Ringtone DownloadDr. RajkumarSanaadi Appanna05:08
23Premavide Ringtone DownloadS. JanakiAntha04:22
24Aagadu Yendu Kaillagadu Yendu Ringtone DownloadP.B. SreenivasBangaaradha Manushya05:33
25Elle Iru Hege Iru Ringtone DownloadP. SusheelaKasturi Nivasa03:24
26Raaga Anuraaga Ringtone DownloadS. Janaki, Dr. RajkumarSanaadi Appanna04:23
27Nagu Nagutha Ringtone DownloadP.B. SreenivasBangaaradha Manushya05:04
28Naguvudo Aluvudo Ringtone DownloadP.B. SreenivasSampathige Savaal02:59
29Aase Heluvase Ringtone DownloadDr. Rajkumar, P Suhseela, S. JanakiHuliya Haalina Mevu05:58
30Nannedhe Kogileya Ringtone DownloadS. JanakiOlavu Gelavu03:31
31O Geleya Ringtone DownloadL.R. EswariKasturi Nivasa03:19
32Nagu Nagutha Nali Nali Ringtone DownloadP.B. SreenivasBangarada Manushya07:12
33Naanu Yaaru Yaava Vooru Ringtone DownloadS. P. BalasubrahmanyamAntha04:38
34Nannedhe Kogileya Ringtone DownloadS. JanakiOlavu Gelavu02:53
35Malligai En Mannan Ringtone DownloadVani JairamDeerga Sumangali03:53
36Aaha Mysooru Ringtone DownloadP.B. Sreenivas, P SuhseelaBangaaradha Manushya05:48

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