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Kazi Nazrul Islam Ringtone Download


Kazi Nazrul Islam PB EP IA, hailed as the national poet of Bangladesh, was not just a poet and writer, but a multifaceted figure encompassing journalism and music. His literary and musical legacy reverberates with themes of equality, justice, anti-imperialism, and rebellion against oppression. Nazrul Islam, often referred to as the “Rebel Poet” due to his fervent activism for political and social justice, penned powerful works like “Bidrohī” (the rebel), challenging the status quo.

Born into a Bengali Muslim family in Bengal Presidency, Nazrul Islam’s early life was steeped in religious education. However, his passion for poetry and literature blossomed while working with a rural theatrical group. Joining the British Indian Army and later establishing himself as a journalist in Calcutta, he fearlessly criticized colonial rule, advocating for revolution through his stirring poetry.

Kazi Nazrul Islam Ringtone Download
Kazi Nazrul Islam Ringtone Download

Throughout his writings, Nazrul Islam championed freedom, humanity, and love, while vehemently opposing bigotry in all its forms. His contribution to Bengali music is monumental, introducing ghazal songs and incorporating Arabic and Persian influences into his compositions.

Despite his prolific output, Nazrul Islam’s later years were marred by illness. Afflicted by Pick’s disease, a debilitating neurodegenerative condition, he faced a steady decline in health, ultimately leading to his isolation and extended stays in psychiatric hospitals. In 1972, he was brought to Bangladesh at the behest of the government, where he spent his remaining years until his passing in 1976, leaving behind an indelible mark on Bengali literature and music.

Kazi Nazrul Islam Ringtone Download MP3

Kazi Nazrul Islam Ringtone Download MP3
Kazi Nazrul Islam Ringtone Download MP3
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